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The Wonderland Circus Peanut Gallery!: Sporkings and Stuff

Send in the clowns!

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Name:The Wonderland Circus Peanut Gallery
Birthdate:May 30
Ladies, gentlemen, children of all ages! Welcome to a very special section of The Wonderland Circus - the Peanut Gallery!

This is where Nature writes and posts her badfic sporkings! From Kingdom Hearts to Peanuts, and a whole lot of things - as long as a fic makes her head hurt and makes her weep for humanity and proper writing skills, she'll go for it!

Interests (11):

badfics, circuses, crying over wasted potential, fandoms, lewis carroll's alice books, moulin rouge!, musical theatre, sporking, the sounds of sporker's tears while reading badfic, tori amos, wasting time
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